Our Story

As a software engineer by trade, I've always enjoyed making things. Even when working full time in the tech industry, I would constantly be making physical products on the side, whether it be 3D printing a trophy for a work contest, laser etching some wine glasses for Christmas gifts, or building enclosures for TVs to project Dungeons and Dragons maps on.

As of June 2023, I've turned my passion for creating things in the physical world into a full time venture. I had the honor of designing and creating a cake topper for a good friend's wedding, and I've expanded into creating custom gifts like personalized cutting boards, plaques, and wallets. As time goes on, the company will be expanded to be a true family company - my sister and other family members also make things in their off time, and will eventually be joining me.

We're always open for commissions. I've been lucky enough to create custom commemorative plaques, custom leather wallets for companies, custom QR code stands for menus, things of that nature. If you'd like to request a commission, product, or bulk order, please contact us at commissions@stanfieldfamilycompany.com, or by phone at (512) 887-3501.

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